ARK Announcement: Advanced Tech Meets Expert  Management

ARK is excited to announce a strategic collaboration with Paladin Risk Management, an expert user of the ARK platform. This collaboration offers ARK clients an optional third-party oversight for those who cannot or prefer not to manage our platform themselves.

This collaboration aims to be inclusive, promoting flexibility and accessibility for all our clients. This approach reflects our ongoing commitment to support the entire industry with both advanced technology and expert guidance.

A new avenue for clients. The collaboration between ARK and Paladin Risk Management provides a fully outsourced insurance review service for clients who:

  1. are keen to use the ARK platform but lack the internal staff to manage it
  2. wish to leverage the latest advancements in AI technology to enhance their risk management processes, even when their current third-party insurance review provider may not yet offer the ARK-level technology
  3. are dissatisfied with their current third-party insurance provider and seek an alternative

  • Custom-generated sample certificates for vendors, produced quickly
  • Automatic identification of non-compliant items on certificates
  • Swift policy analysis, with feedback provided within minutes
  • Consistently comprehensive reviews
  • Increased accuracy in reviews
  • Prompt feedback to vendors—sometimes as quickly as 15 seconds to 3 minutes after document submission
  • Significant reductions in workload for compliance staff
  • A competitive and cost-efficient market alternative
  • Compliance Time: Reduced by up to 65%
  • Administrator Effort: Cut by up to 80%
  • Compliance Feedback Turnaround—As rapid as 15 seconds to 3 minutes

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